Life Size Sculpture of Champlain Canal Tow Mule

This project was made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program and the Rivendell Foundation, administered locally by the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council.

“Sculptor Jenny Horstman will build a life size Tow Mule using items contributed by residents of Washington County. The sculpture will be displayed for one year in the Village of Fort Ann at the corner of George and Ann St.”

The life size Tow mule will be built at my studio 1038 Copeland Pond Road, Fort Ann, N.Y. I have a table set up outside my studio marked “Items to be included in Tow Mule”. Items can be dropped off anytime. I will be starting to work on the sculpture as soon as it’s warm enough to work outside, probably by the end of March, I expect it will take 4 months to build the mule. The expected date of installation is July 21, 10:00. I will be sharing the completion of the project with the public on the 21st starting at 2:00pm.

Items needed from the Washington County residents are just about any old rusted pieces of iron. Examples: square nails, springs, hinges, hooks, latches, hasps, door knobs, carriage bolts, wrenches, pipe wrenches, crescent wrenches, snaps, harness parts, bits, horseshoes, pieces of chain, cable, parts and pieces of old farm equipment, the weirder the better, broken tools are perfect, threaded rod, rebar, rakes, broken hay forks, old rusted stove pipe, drill bits, especially old drill bits, turn buckles, light chain heavy chain, the more used and bent the better, washers, nuts, locks, hardware, all the unknown odd items to, etc. Nothing is to small or to broken to to be included in the sculpture. When it is finished you can try to find the piece you contributed to the sculpture after the sculpture is on display at the corner of George and Ann St. in Fort Ann. I will try to use all the items that are left in the designated area in front of my studio to build the Tow Mule sculpture.

Jan 10th I started a series of small, mule head studies in steel. Made with square nails, radiator screen, stove pipe and throttle cable, horse shoe. These pictures are not the best, they are much cuter in person!

The wooden box and palate is out in front of my studio, please feel free to bring items by anytime, it is clearly marked. I’m looking for 3 inch channel iron to build the base. I’ll be getting used two strand wire from Dream Catcher Farm this week to begin the outline of the life size.

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