The Cow Gets a Name { in the press: Schuylerville Turning Point }

Mike Bielkiewicz, Contributor

You may recall in last month’s issue of this newspaper we noted that the Saratoga National Historical Park
in partnership with Hudson Crossing Park held the Second Annual Recycled Art Indoor Show at the battlefield’s Visitor’s Center. The show ran through May.

Text on this page copied from page 9 of:

Hundreds of visitors viewed the art show, and visitors were encouraged to vote for their favorites, which resulted in a number of People’s Choice awards. One of the outdoor entries was simply titled “The Cow.” It is a lifesized cow crafted from used metal parts, tools, sprockets and almost anything that could be welded into shape. The artist, Jenny Horstman, asked the art show committee to help her give a name to the cow. People went to and voted.

Now a winner has been named. After considering entries for a month, Horstman chose “Elsie” as its new name. Andy Collins submitted the name on Hudson Crossing Park’s web site and Jenny said, “Well, it’s got to be Elsie; that is as good a cow name as there can be. That’s probably the only real cow name anyone knows.”

After spending the month of May at the Park’s Outdoor Recycled Art Exhibit, Elsie will return to Fort Ann to be with a horse, mule, moose and all the other creatures Jenny has so artfully assembled.

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