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Elite Equestrian magazine

Jenny Horstman is the featured artist Sept-Oct in Elite Equestrian magazine, represented by

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 Im so sorry but I did not recieve your emails! I have not replied to emails thru my web site contact form since 12/16/12 because the contact form was broken! This has been repaired and Ill be going thru the … Continue reading

Instride Edition magazine Turning junk into elaborate designs Source: Text and Photos by Katie Navarra In Stride Edition, Volume 1, No. 13, Publisher phone # 856-453-9221 To most people a pile of discarded farm implements, hand tools and metal hardware too deteriorated for … Continue reading

Opening Reception 2/15

Please join us Saturday February 15 for an open house designating new beginnings at Tilting. Spirits an morsels available all day and from 5-7 you will have the opportunity to meet current and new artists